Tesla Driver Who Died in Accident on Highway 101 Was Playing Video Games at the Time of the Crash

February 25, 2020 0 By Brad Hurley

San Jose, CA (2/25/2020) – An investigation into the crash that killed a Tesla driver on Highway 101 in 2018 revealed that the driver was playing video games on his phone prior to the accident. The report, released by the National Transportation Safety Board, states that Walter Huang was driving to work from his home in Sunnyvale when he crashed into a gore point between Highway 101 and the exit leading to Highway 85. While the NTSB couldn’t determine if Huang was holding his phone at the time of the crash, the car log data from his Tesla Model X showed that the driver wasn’t applying any torque to the steering wheel, suggesting that his hands weren’t on the steering wheel.

In addition, the report found that the Tesla’s Autopilot mode wasn’t completely self-driving and only used lane recognition to make minor steering corrections. The Model X’s collision system failed to send an alert to Huang about the barrier and did not activate its automatic emergency braking system. As a result, Huang’s family has brought a wrongful death lawsuit against Tesla for the faulty system and against the California Department of Transportation for not maintaining the section of the highway where Huang died.

Source: Mercury News

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